Nachricht vom 30. November 2022

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The flood competence center

HochwasserKompetenzCentrum (HKC) is a registered society, which brings together in a unique network people affected by flooding, politics, and the broadest range of flooding stakeholders. Through the dialogue that emerges, the work of HKC encourages local flood prevention and awareness.

At HKC, science and practice are brought together for the purpose of holistic flood prevention and therefore the sustainable development, provision and transfer of expertise.

The focus is on the formation and expansion of information networks as well as on preparation, development and implementation of projects, research schemes and studies on sustainable, economic and above all practice-oriented handling of the subject of flooding. The results should be made available to all interested parties, so an optimal information and communication platform is created for everyone affected by flood protection as well as interested people and institutions.

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Communication workshop for the Infomobile consulting service

On November 23, a communication workshop for the Infomobile supervisors took place at the HKC office. The goal was to develop a consulting strategy with the help of the question "What do we want to communicate, with whom and how?"

PARADeS – Workshop „FLOODLABEL Expert Training“ in Accra, Ghana

On 07 + 08 November, the workshop "FLOODLABEL Expert Training" took place in Accra, Ghana, as part of the PARADeS project. Our colleague Helene Meyer met with our Ghanaian partners and together they tested the training concept and first materials for the training of FLOODLABEL experts.

BMBF Research for Sustainability (FONA): KAHR Infomobile

The platform of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) on Research for Sustainability (FONA) accompanied our KAHR team, consisting of Hans-Theodor Arenz and Lina Fitz, on a mission in the project region./_default_upload_bucket/KAHR_Mobil_124.jpg