Flood infomobil

Flood Protection - Advice - Information

One of the main tasks of the HKC is the dissemination of information on the economic and practical management of floods. For this purpose, the Infomobil is made available to all interested parties as a mobile information unit for training purposes, information events to educate and raise awareness, and for public relations work.

The Infomobil contains a wide range of information from all areas of HKC, which can be used according to agreement and target group. The basic equipment of the Infomobile includes an exhibition of models and illustrative material on general flood protection. This can be used, for example, to provide tips and information on backwater protection, structural measures on buildings or behavioral precautions.

An overview of the Infomobil's events can be found here.



HKC members can book the Infomobil under the following terms:

  • Members can book the Infomobil once a year free of charge for non-commercial purposes. Only fuel costs of 38 ct per km are charged. Included are the provision of the driver, personnel support and travel expenses.
  • For further use, HKC members can rent the Infomobil for a flat rate of 600 € per day of use. Driver service, personal assistance and travel expenses are included in the flat rate.

Non-members can book the Infobus on the following terms:

  • Public and non-profit organisations who use the Infomobil for educational purposes in flood prevention are charged 600€ per day.
    Driver service, personal support and travel expenses are included. Additionally, the fuel costs (38ct/km) need to be paid.
  • Commercial active institutions pay 1000€ per day. Driver service, personal support and travel expenses are included. The fuel costs (38ct/km) need to be paid, additionally.

All prices are exclusive of VAT, which is charged at a reduced rate of 7% due to the non-profit status of the Infomobil.


Do you have any questions or would you like to book the Infomobil and let us know the date, location and purpose of your event?

Please do not hesitate to contact us!