The guiding principle of the hkc

Flood and heavy rainfall risk management - Moving forward together to a safe future in the face of climate change and urbanization


We will soon reach every person theatend and affected by floods and heavy rains with targeted education, because ...

  • We know that in view of the increasingly frequent heavy rain and flood events, every possible help must be called upon.
  • Prevention is cheaper than settling claims after a major disaster.
  • We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to actively influence their destiny so that great suffering can be avoided.
  • The costs that ultimately have to be borne by the community can be reduced.
  • In the face of increasing natural forces, the overarching infrastructure systems are not sufficient to provide the desired prevention at the individual level.
  • Individually designed measures can in themselves be easily and effectively implemented in any region of the world.
  • With the response of the many, we can in turn advance our association, and thus science, with new knowledge for the benefit of all those threatened and affected by flooding. By connecting science directly to all those affected, information pathways can be shortened, intensified, deepened, broadened, made more useful, informal, faster, and more effective in finding practical solutions.
  • We create new knowledge by bringing knowledge together.



We feel responsible.

We want to educate.

We want to translate our knowledge into deeper effectiveness and secure the future.

We want to help people help themselves.

We want to help prevent misfortune.

We want to enable optimal adaptation in environmental change.

We want to make complex knowledge understandable for everyone.

We want to make concepts applicable for practical implementation.

We want to learn to make life and living ever more secure.

We want to be a hub for knowledge exchange.