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Publication in the professional journal "Wasserwirtschaft" on the topic of heavy rainfall and drought.

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The network for holistic flood prevention and flood risk management


The Flood Competence Center (HKC) is a non-profit association from Germany that connects flood-affected citizens and stakeholders in flood risk management to build a unique network. The HKC was founded in 2007 and consists of almost 200 members and cooperations. The members of the HKC are composed of national and international institutions and municipalities, citizens and policy-makers, science and economy.


The HKC brings together science and practice for the purpose of holistic flood risk management, promoting sustainable development and the provision and transfer of expertise.

Use the knowledge of our network for your projects. We are glad to support you. Week look forward to welcoming you.












Topics and projects

Core fields of the HKC

The HKC effectively contributes to the development of practice-relevant knowledge by carrying out its own projects.
The extraordinary professional composition of  the HKC enables an extensive conception and implementation of such projects. 

The following pages provide information about our projects and the current state of implementation .

  • FIoodlabel • Prevent • Protect  

  • KAHR-Project

  • HKC Infomobil • Experience flood protection 

dates & EVENTS

Here you will find upcoming dates & events of the HKC and related events of interest

NEws At a glance

Here you will find news of the HKC and of related subjects of interest

"Green city of the future" project

The website of the "Green City of the Future" project offers concrete suggestions for integrating climate resilience into urban planning and administrative processes.

The new Quick-Check of the FLOODLABEL !

The new Quick-Check is now available on the FLOODLABEL website.

BonnWaterNetwork invites: The Urban Water Challenge

Joined by the city of Bonn as a hub for the United Nations' Making Cities Resilient 2030, and ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability), the BonnWaterNetwork invites you to discuss lessons-learned in flood prevention and management, emphasizing city opportunities to enhance resilience through various measures. The event will take place online on 24th January 2024 from 12:00 to 13:30 pm via Zoom under the topic: "The Urban Walter Challenge: How can flood modelling and citizen mobilization support urban resilience?"

The Floodlabel for sustainability projects

The innovative "Viebrockhaus SmartCity" also relies on the HKC Floodlabel.

The project comprises a development of 18 houses that are built sustainably and at the same time equipped to withstand the consequences of climate change.