Nachrichten: Publication in the professional journal "Wasserwirtschaft" on the topic of heavy rainfall and drought.

12. 2024

Horst Geiger published an article on "Heavy rainfall and drought - the consequences of climate change require responsible water management measures" in the last issue of the trade journal Wasserwirtschaft.

Two extremes, too much and too little water, require prudent action in order to minimise the associated risks. In addition to the increase in the frequency of extreme events, the extremes themselves are also taking on new dimensions that have rarely been observed to date. As a consequence of climate change, these require responsible water management measures. Significantly better water purification is required and water retention is the order of the day - ideally as a combination basin for artificial infiltration. The Bedouins in the Jordanian desert were already doing this over 6,000 years ago.

You can find the full article here.