Nachrichten: Children's workshop on flood prevention

16. 2024

In January 2024, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe organised a children's workshop on flood prevention with MuKI Hagen, which was developed by HKC e.V. as part of the KAHR project.

Awareness of flood risks is the cornerstone for correct and rapid action in hazardous situations. Raising awareness is particularly effective if it starts as early as possible, e.g. in childhood. For this reason, the HKC has developed a children's workshop on flood prevention as part of the KAHR project. Children of primary school age first learn about various precautionary measures in a playful way, including the emergency kit, before they are allowed to get active themselves and design flood-proof houses. At the end, there is a certificate for the newly qualified flood protection professionals!

The workshop shows that even children are very interested in floods and how to protect themselves against them. During the creative tasks, they prove that their solutions are at least as useful as those of adults. The feedback, both from the children and from Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, is consistently very positive and shows a need for the expansion of child-orientated flood protection formats. For this reason, the HKC is continuing to develop the workshop format. The workshop concept can be adopted and implemented by other interested institutions. Please contact us (

We look forward to organising further children's workshops in the future.