Nachrichten: New cooperation agreement with the polder company Hafen Hamburg !

19. 2023

We are now pleased to announce again separately that the Poldergesellschaft Hafen Hamburg and the HKC have entered into a cooperation agreement. 

A large part of the flood protection at the Port of Hamburg is provided by private polders, such as the Poldergesellschaft Hafen Hamburg. This company implements various measures such as strengthening solidarity communities, agile defence and maintenance, and identifying and remedying risks and deficits. This explicitly involves polders, i.e. private, enclosed commercial areas in the port area. To protect these, flood protection walls, private dikes or terps are built or individual object protection is applied to the buildings. 

In order to be able to better implement the protective measures and assess the risk to the areas, the Poldergesellschaft Hafen Hamburg has further developed the Hochwasser-Pass (Flood Passport) published by the HKC. Within this framework, a cooperation agreement has come into being, which was ceremoniously signed this week by Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Bartholomä and Dipl.-Ing. Georg Johann. 

We are proud that this cooperation will further develop the Flood Pass and open up new applications in a very exciting field. Through the transfer of knowledge, all participants are better prepared for the future and there are no obstacles to further cooperation! 

We look forward to a successful collaboration!